About the show

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A little bit about us...

The Destinationists are Andrés López-Varela, a digital marketing consultant and former Global Content Editor for Tourism Australia, and Lauren Quaintance, ex-General Manager of Travel for Fairfax Media and Co-Founder of  Storyation.

Self-described travel junkies, they launched The Destinationists podcast in mid 2017 when they started looking for a travel marketing podcast that focussed on effectiveness and couldn't find one. They wanted to start a podcast that was for the modern travel marketer that would deliver truly actionable insights from some of the world’s top brands. So they'll talk about the latest campaigns as well as some of the big travel and marketing trends of the moment but, most of all, they plan to get down to the nitty gritty and explain what marketing has truly inspired and motivated travellers and how you can use those insights to make a difference for your travel and tourism business.

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